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Opening full screen map should preserve bounding box, not zoom level
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Full screen mode should choose the highest zoom level that still fits all the content that was originally visible in the frame (i.e. a bounding box). Currently it keeps the same zoom level and just gives you more context.


full screens to

instead of

Event Timeline

I'm not exactly sure about that. I actually think of "maximize" as "show me the surroundings" rather than "i can't see it clearly enough, zoom in". Any other opinions on this?

Any map that shows an area of interest, or a group of POIs will likely have been cropped to a suitable bounding box. This intent of the user who created the map should not be lost because I switched to fullscreen mode.

@Esanders, could you copy it to the wiki discussion? (i know wiki discussions are not as convenient as phab discussions, but this is a highly user-facing feature, and there is already plenty of discussions going on there)

Example for comparison: Yelp does not change zoom if their map is enlarged.

@Yurik @CKoerner_WMF Based on the on-wiki discussion, we may be able to close this as declined?

per discussion