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Rename "project" and "Milestone" in Phlogiston to something else
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Phlogiston's "Project" is not the same thing as Phabricator's "Project", so they shouldn't have the same name. Same for Milestone, now that Phabricator uses Milestone.

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On another hand, coming trend in Phabricator is to rename "project" as "tag", so you could perhaps keep project for Phlogiston?

"Milestone" is a reserved keyword in Phabricator too: it's a special subproject to do a sprint.


For clarity on the upstream plans: we're changing the language in the UI so that we consistently call the assocation between a project and another object a "tag", but are not renaming projects.

We were previously inconsistent about this, and sometimes said "this task is tagged with project xyz" and sometimes "this task is in project xyz", and sometimes something else, like "this task is associated with project xyz". This inconsistency was sometimes confusing, and possibly a contributing factor in some particular confusions faced by new users.

Going forward a task, revision, commit, repository, etc., will be described as tagged with a project, but the name "project" isn't changing when describing the project object itself.

Thanks for this precision.

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Consensus from mailing list discussion:

Project -> Scope
Milestone -> Category

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I have no idea what "category" means in this context. The description of the Phlogiston-Category tag says to check , which does not define "category".

Also the name is quite confusing - I had to remove it from tasks which were related to categories in MediaWiki.