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Example quarry query for searching multiple wikis for locally customized mediawiki:foo pages
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I'd like an example query, to add to It's a generalizable question that I hit every few months.

I'd like to find all instances of a [[Mediawiki:Foo]] page that have been customized - i.e. where they have been created locally, versus just using the default strings.

E.g.1 has been customized on Enwiki (the default is "Discussion", per translatewiki). Whereas at Frwiki, the local override was deleted in 2007, and now they just use the default -

E.g.2 doesn't exist, but and do exist.

This kind of information might help someone to decide to collate all the good ideas that are currently only in the locally customized versions, and merge them into the (a new) default message.

(Yuvipanda, Halfak, and I, discussed this a bit, in IRC)

See also: T140585: The problem of customized local messages for links to Wikimedia tools

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For output... If it's not possible in quarry, I'm envisioning something akin to where it would show existing local-overrides in blue.

(Today's random example is: MediaWiki:Interwiki config-sorting order, which I'm learning about at m:Interwiki_sorting_order, and wondering how many wikis use this function.)