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beta wikipedia test builds fail
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The Travis CI builds all fail on English Wikipedia, with *lots* of 503 errors.

e.g. on , this is seen on jobs .12 and .13.

Due to the extend of the failures, it needs to be fixed quickly as other bugs may be hidden by the current failures.

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The error "'Non-JSON response received from server wpbeta:en'" occurs in the logs

(job x.10 became x.12 because two Python 3.5 jobs were added above these OAuth jobs in the build matrix.)

Since #3097, when this bug appears to have started, the "Invalid signature" error has occurred in

Based on T130611#2153555 , the original bug is fixed, and now we need to re-configure the Pywikibot-oauth account in Travis.

jayvdb claimed this task.

The Pywikibot-oauth account has been given a new consumer secret, which is now in Travis.

The two wpbeta jobs on have been re-run, and the Invalid signature error has disappeared.

In its stead we now have Nonce already used regularly appearing on the en.wpbeta site, which is T109173: "Nonce already used" regularly occurring on beta cluster, but it didnt appear on zh.wpbeta.