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Ask for reviews in the app
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Although I hate these pop-ups, how about we start presenting "Long-time users" of the app with the dialoge to rate and review the app , to gain user feedback

Do you like the app?

  • No < Button links to "submit feedback-link"
  • Yes < Button links to App Store-review
  • Ask me later

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Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptMar 13 2016, 10:00 PM

Let's not.

(A potential alternative is to provide a link in the settings section (if one exists), but modal dialogues cross the line for me.)

Or what about in the FTUE (first time user experience), have an option of "Periodically ask me to give app feedback"...

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The nice thing about the feed is that we can insert cards which are not as intrusive as modal ads or pop-ups but can still be seen by users on the "main" page of the app. Once we've nailed down some of our initial user feedback and see a stable review score I think this is worth revisiting.

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I'm going to plan this for 6.0.1, that will be the bug fixed version of this major update, and hopefully we'll have addressed any key issues with 6.0 design update.

This should be a "locally sent" announcement card in the feed. That is, it should appear as an announcement, but should not depend on a server side message.

Card should be inserted in the 4th session or after 8 days after install, whichever comes first. Design to define final strings and if there should be an image. Lets try to get this in as UI strings for translation and we will enable this for any languages where we receive translations.

Clicking the affirmative button ("yes"), should open the built in review UI:
Clicking the negative button should ask for feedback (perhaps just a simple UIAlert, which should have the same UX as the Feedback option in the Settings --currently opens an email)

In the case of either response the card should be removed from the feed.

The card should only be shown once per install lifetime. However deleting and then reinstalling will re-trigger the cycle.