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Update OpenLayers to 3.x
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  • Well this is a feature request that will be explaned.

We should Update the OpenLayers extension to use 3.x OpenLayers upgrading from 2.x

SemanticForms SF_maps.js and SF_maps.offline.js should be updated to be compatible with OpenLayers. ( The patches should be merged at the same time.)


Repo is at

OpenLayers 2.x is 3-4 years out of date so it includes old maps and is not really optimised for newer devices.

3.x is more updated and includes a range of features.

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@Yaron_Koren can I add you to task please.

I could probably update the files in OpenLayers but would you be able to make it compatible in SemanticForms so I can test and ajust any changes I make for review in OpenLayers.

If you're talking about updating SF_maps.js to work with the JS from the OpenLayers website, then yes, I can do that.