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Android data missing from Phlogiston burnups
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All three Phlogiston categories for Q3 had a big drop in task count in Phlogiston reports in the last week or two, without any corresponding change in Phabricator to cause it.

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Looks like some combination of two issues: changes to titles in Phabricator or in the recat file (which changed today), and historical artifacts from data regeneration (there were lots of doubles in the database for some reason). A clean run with fresh data and files has fixed all issues on dev, and matches a manual count for all three categories.

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This looks fixed (by fresh rerun of data plus refresh of recat file, no code changes). Can you confirm?

I think it's fine? Honestly, I have a hard time remembering what the issue looked like. There is also a problem with text displaying, after "These charts include data from the following Phabricator projects, in this order:" but it's probably unrelated.

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