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Watching (only) categorization (additions and removals) of an arbitrary category
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Watchlist can show you all category changes of a watched category. What I really miss is a possibility to only watch additions and removals of an arbitrary category (I don't want to add a category to my watchlist to see recent changes).

Using RelatedChanges/RecentChangesLinked is not useful because it shows only additions because when a page is removed from the category, it is no longer linked, and options don't allow you to only have categorization changes shown.

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Aklapper renamed this task from Watching (only) categorization of an arbitrary category to Watching (only) categorization (additions and removals) of an arbitrary category.Mar 17 2016, 10:09 AM

User:Nardog/CatChangeLinker user script by @Nardog displays recent category additions and removals while viewing the category page. Ideally, this should be provided by MediaWiki itself.

@SD0001 You mean CatChangesViewer. CatChangeLinker is a tiny script that essentially fixes T148533 and T270662.