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Edits don't save in Visual editor at wikimaniawiki
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I have trouble saving edits in Visual Editor at (at least) Wikimania2016wiki. The problem exists a few weeks at least (I mentioned this a while back to James too - adding in cc), and I can reproduce it, but I don't have the problem on all pages:

I have the problem in Chrome (logged in) and in Edge (anonymous).

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This problem still exists, my edits on visual editor still don't save at Wikimaniawiki. I have not encountered the problem on other wikis.

I'm seeing the same problem as Effeietsanders.

OK, found the cause after a bit of prodding. The issue is the use of templates in the <div> and <p> styles. I presume VE has trouble parsing those, and because the back-and-forth fails chooses not to edit at all? In any case, it should really tell you 'I don't understand this page, please edit in the old editor'.

This is my change that fixed it on my test page: