Category tree should show a better error message when an error page is returned from the server
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Screen shot of the error message

I was expanding some subcategories in the category tree, on Simple English wikipedia, when I got what you can see in the attached image. I think it would be a good idea to update the CategoryTree extensions (or maybe the AJAX functions of MW itself, in a way that a more user friendly message is shown in such (although rare) occasions when the server doesn't returned the data in the expected format.

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Huji created this task.Via LegacyAug 21 2007, 2:34 PM
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That _shouldn't_ happen; the AJAX call code _should_ be detecting that it get an error response and not pass back the rest of the contents to the high-level code.

It may not be properly checking, though. :)

brion added a comment.Via ConduitAug 25 2007, 3:23 PM

Ok, CategoryTree itself is choosing to display the raw text as an error message, interesting. :)

I've changed this to make a nice clean error message and a retry link in r25135.

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