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[WMDE-Fundraising] Convert old membership templates and JavaScript
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Convert the templates form the old application to Twig, use the new JavaScript with Redux data flow. Most of the JavaScript from Donations can be reused, only the period-dependent selection of the amount must be written.

On the success page there must be a link and an additional action to delete the membership, see T123117 .

Since at the moment the only payment type is SEPA, there must be an additional page (paginated with JavaScript) where we can get the consent from the user that we are allowed to get money via direct debit.

Relevant CMS Pages:

Event Timeline

Membership form and SEPA confirmation page have already been adapted in PR#424. The confirmation page still needs to be adapted and the application still has a todo when it comes to presenting the membership application confirmation page. Also the e-mail confirmation is still missing.

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