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Special:Whatlinkshere and Special:Recentchangeslinked should have more descriptive <title>
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Gentlemen, can you believe Special:Whatlinkshere gives the same title as the page itself?!
Unlike the already fixed Special:Recentchangeslinked.
wget -q -O - \,_Minnesota \ \ |
grep -i '<title>'

		<title>Elm Point, Minnesota - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</title>
		<title>Elm Point, Minnesota - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</title>
		<title>Related changes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</title>

However, this is still not good enough when one digs through one's
browser history: on the last line above, the page name we are talking
about should be mentioned too! More important use of space than "the
free encyclopedia".

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: trivial



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