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Complete ruwiki edit quality campaign
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Contact: @putnik

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  • Status update no. 1 @ 40%
  • Status update no. 2 @ 105%

  • File task for building models based on labeled data.

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@putnik is it OK if I "assign" this to you? All you need to do is keep doing what you have been doing on ruwiki and let me know if you run into problems or reach completion.

@Halfak: Yes, it's ok. I'll write when we finish the scoring in the Russian Wikipedia.

Now we have more scored edits than total tasks. I hope that this is enough.

stats: {
    assignments: 5700,
    coders: 36,
    labels: 5237,
    tasks: 5193

Hmm... that's surprising. I'll look into how we ended up getting more labels than tasks!

>>> d = requests.get("").json()
>>> counts = {}
>>> for t in d['tasks']:
...     counts[len(t['labels'])] = counts.get(len(t['labels']), 0) + 1
>>> counts
{0: 82, 1: 4985, 2: 126}

Yeah... that shouldn't be possible. Still I think we can work with what's here. So, I'll consider this done and file a bug against wikilabels for the weird assignment patterns that has resulted in this problem.