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In Special:Log we see lots of "patrolled (automatic)" But where can
one click to see all the patrolled pages? Not on the word "patrolled",
not anywhere on Special:Specialpages. The best one can do if one is in
the know is Special:Log&type=patrol.

But that is just a log and not the current list of patrolled pages. So
perhaps make a Special:Patrollist, in analogy to Special:Watchlist ...

Or maybe I'll just set $wgUseRCPatrol=false on my small wiki.

Version: 1.10.x
Severity: enhancement



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By the way, Special:Log still shows "patrolled (automatic)"
even after I did $wgUseRCPatrol=false in LocalSettings.php, and even
for new entries in the log made after I changed LocalSettings.php!

robchur wrote:

Patrolling is limited, at present - it refers to the rc_patrolled column; this isn't preserved elsewhere, so getting a list of *patrolled* edits is much harder. In the long term, it would be ideal to revamp the whole patrolled edit mechanism in some fashion.

Log entries won't be hidden when patrolling is disabled, although new ones shouldn't be created...

although new ones shouldn't be created...

If one copies LocalSettings.php to right place... Oops. Sorry.
Not sorry about the other items though :-) (Like the whole
patrolled vs. watched concept being blurry even after checking
on meta. Must be a mainly Wikipedia thing, where one has to read
up on Wikipedia what the "patrolled" concept is all about.
OK, will do.)


Log entries won't be hidden when patrolling is disabled

But that takes the main point of disabiling it away... to
remove clutter from the user's view.

robchur wrote:

(In reply to comment #3)

But that takes the main point of disabiling it away... to
remove clutter from the user's view.

There isn't an effective means of hiding these, and it's frowned upon to alter/suppress histories/logs/etc. Disabling patrolled editing removes the option to continue patrolling, and as I've said, *should* prevent further patrol log entries being saved.

I think that the [[mw:FlaggedRevs]] extension is starting to provide the desired functionality for namespaces managed by that extension. See

No worth the effort. It is best to use a more intensive flagging system like flaggedrevs.

For the record:

  • We have Special:Newpages which can be used to discover page creations that are not yet patrolled. I believe this was essentially what this task was asking for.
  • The Watchlist also has an option to hide patrolled edits and patrolled page creations.
  • Autopatrols are no longer logged as per T184485.
  • We have (new) Special:Log/create, to find creations of pages. This is similar to Special:RecentChanges with a filter to only show "Page creations", but with the difference that it lasts forever and can be easily found from any given page by going to "Logs for this page".