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Create a plan to implement a participant outreach campaign
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Q3 goal for participant recruiting: gather previous thinking and options and create a plan to implement a participant outreach campaign

Event Timeline

Discussed during BG 3/25
-Write beginning plan for participant outreach
-Gather ideas for a group conversation
-Work on iterating plan

Discussed plan as a team.
Started doing participant outreach in June 2016.

Hi @SBecker would you mind linking to the plan(s) somewhere on wiki and/or providing details about the plans?

Would like to know:

  • What strategies are being employed (ie, I know Facebook outreach is one!)
  • What current numbers are for the different groups (by platform, persona, contributor type, etc)
  • What numbers we are going for, to meet our testing needs
  • Rough timelines for the plans


Thank you :)

Per meeting, speaking with @SBecker :

  1. Strategies have been shared in a team slide deck. They include ideas such as:
    • Social Media
    • Physical Items
    • Watchlist Notifications
    • Community Liaisons
    • Meta recruiting
    • Mass Message
    • Banners
    • Mailing Lists/Wiki Chapters/Wiki user groups
    • Recruiting family and friends of WMF Staff
  1. & 3. @RHo may still want to connect with @SBecker or receive an answer in this thread
  1. There is no "overall strategy" timeline as previously assumed. Some efforts such as banners are a part of the larger strategy (my mistake/misunderstanding). So "rough timelines" question does not require an answer here.