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Convert to nettrom style WP 1.0 label extraction process
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I'm struggling to replicate @Nettrom's article quality labeling in wikilabels. When I perform an extraction, train and test a model, I'll get ~54% accuracy. When I use Nettrom's labeled data (and my extract my feature set), I'll get 61% accuracy. What's the difference here?

Please review the enwiki extractor and the Makefile command.

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Halfak created this task.Mar 17 2016, 9:35 PM
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Hey @Nettrom, would you take a look at this. It might help if we meet and talk about how the extractor is intended to work and compare your process side-by-side.

FWIW, we're also getting ~54% accuracy in frwiki with this extraction strategy, so I expect that our accuracy will go up there once we clean up our labels extractor.

I couldn't find anything in the label extractor that's cause for concern. Having though about it, I suspect there are significant differences in our overarching methodology. A hangout is probably the best approach to walk through it, I'll email @Halfak so we can get moving on that.

@Halfak : I added a comment to, not sure if I should've done that or commented here instead? Let me know if I should copy it over here.

Apart from that, very interesting findings, hopefully the kinks are ironed out now so the models can be trained, curious to see the results!

Halfak added a comment.Apr 8 2016, 7:29 PM

Some notes on the last run: Still haven't actually experimented with train/test yet, but it looks like are getting close.

Looks like we get Accuracy: 0.575

So, a bit better, but not great. I propose we switch to @Nettrom's method entirely and give that a try.

Hmmm… these are interesting results. I'm wondering if my approach results in a less noisy dataset, but also not sure how we would go about figuring that out.

One of the limitations of my data gathering process is that it starts from the current state of assessment ratings, which means that you'll only ever see x number of FAs, for however many FAs there currently is (4,704 at the moment).

I recently came across a research paper[0] that used "synthetic minority over-sampling", a technique described by Chawla et al in 2002[1] where the minority class is over-sampled by generating synthetic samples from the k nearest neighbors of the minority class (instead of just duplicating samples). It wasn't difficult to find a Python implementation[2] related to scikit-learn that you might want to give a try, I' be curious to know what happens if you double the size of the dataset.


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This is done.