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Proposal to create new FR-tech tags
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I would like to make several tags for sorting and organizing FR-tech projects.


  • FR-PayPal-ExpressCheckout
  • FR-PCI
  • FR-ActiveMQ

Project description:
This is a Fundraising Tech tag to identify work related to the project (enter project name per tag). Team information:

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lgtm, and the project description should ideally explain (or link to an explanation) what "the project ActiveMQ" or "the project PCI" are, as Phabricator is a public place which should allow anybody to get a basic understanding what people are working on. Thanks :)

I will add the following descriptions:

Paypal Express Checkout

  • The express checkout is a new system from paypal. They are deprecating their previous systems and we must change over to the new one. After our initial investigation, more information will be available on T113625.

*In order to process any credit card transactions, all vendors (we are a vendor) must be PCI compliant. If we are not PCI compliant, the banks will shut off our accounts until we can prove that we are compliant.This will be a long standing project for fr-tech.


  • ActiveMQ is a single point of failure for fr-tech services. This tag will help us identify and manage issues with this service. Eventually we hope to replace this service. This project will likely end some time in the future.