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Gentlemen, Google puts the item searched for in the <title>
$ GET http://www.google.com.tw/search?q=bg4wip | perl -nwe 's/.*(<title>)/$1/&&print'
<title>bg4wip - Google</title>

Why of course, how else could one pick different searches out of their browser's history?

Now we turn to MediaWiki. It's just the same
<title>Search results SITENAME<title>, no matter what string you search for.

Version: 1.12.x
Severity: enhancement


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Jidanni created this task.Aug 23 2007, 3:34 AM

Done with r26071.

brion added a comment.Sep 24 2007, 6:41 PM

Reverted as it was clearly never tested. Title text is double-escaped, smearing bug ugly &quot; everywhere.

Fixed with r26084.

brion added a comment.Sep 24 2007, 9:12 PM

Reverted again; while now functional, it just plain looks wrong since the text is duplicated between title and subtitle.

Giving up for the moment :-(

Removal of subtitle would be a bad solution too, as it "includes by default a link to the search text as a page and in some live installations has been customized with additional links" (per Brion)

Bug 13708 related.

rainman wrote:

Another shot at this in r38440. I believe the original poster was referring only to the HTML title, so that the title-subtitle duplication is avoided.

brion added a comment.Aug 4 2008, 4:00 AM

Thanks, Robert -- looks like a good compromise! Window/tab/bookmark title is now sane, and we've still got our nice clicky subtitle.

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