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Identify how communities welcome new users to define NewUserActions features
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Some communities run bots to welcome new users. These bots are target new users actions or existing accounts. That may give to users who use Cross wiki Notification the feeling that they are spammed.

@Dereckson works on NewUserActions Extension. That task is here to provide user cases and help to identify community needs or practices.

The default and most common actions are:

  1. user creates an account
  2. users receive the "Welcome notification" from Echo
  3. user receive a message distributed by a bot or by hand

Specific cases

  • distribution by bot with a "contact me" message: French, Italian, Russian Wikipedia. That bot message is signed by an experienced user who invite the newcomer to contact him if needed.
  • distribution by user with a "contact me" message: Arabic Wiktionary and Wikidata, with a "please contact me" sentence.
  • unified message but some people can distribute their own messages:
    • example on Italian Wikipedia).
    • German Wikipedia have one common unified message (example) manually distributed by {{ers:Hallo}} or {{subst:Hallo}} to avoid confusing newbies by having a template on their talk page, but a lot of handcrafted messages too ([ 1 ], [ 2 ], [ 3 ]). Personal welcome messages are encouraged. There are alternative welcome templates as well.
    • Swedish Wikipedia has a couple of welcome templates (one , two) that users can greet new accounts with if they feel like it (recent examples: one, two), but it's also common to just start a discussion about the users edits. There are no bot-delivered welcome messages.
  • welcome message completed by personal comments from experienced users: English Wikivoyage ([ 1 ], [ 2 ]). Also possible on French Wikipedia when distributed by hand (message parameter in the template)
  • no welcome message: Spanish Wikipedia, English Wikisource, Spanish Wikisource (based by picking examples on RecentChanges/newbies)

Explored wikis

  • en.wp, fr.wp, it.wp, es.wp, ru.wp, ar.wp, de.wp,,,, commons, de.wikt, ar.wikt, wikidata, en.wv, sv.wp

Possible features

  • Create the talk page with a defined message
  • Possibly have a parameter to add a user name picked from a list of volunteers?
  • Update 'Welcome' notification to add the volunteer name if that option is activated on the wiki?

Regarding communities

  • Convince communities to have a single message

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Stalled: no time to work on that at the moment.

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(Stalled means that something else is blocking a task. Lack of someone working on a task is not stalled.)

No. that's something I keep in mind, but I don't have time to work on it now.

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This doesn't look like a request for support and lots of things have changed since. Please re-evaluate :)

@Trizek-WMF , maybe the growth team is interested in at least knowing about this task? Meanwhile, I'm closing it as Declined.

I think @MMiller_WMF would be interested about it, while we are now identifying interactions between mentors and newcomers.

(Moved out of Community-Relations where we don't have a board. Sorry for the noise.)