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Add (and default to) a breakdown in percentages also for the line chart.
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People look to browser and OS reports for market share.
Absolute numbers also follow traffic hickups, etc, not so interesting in this context.

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Changing default to percentages will make WoW changes really small (except when a new browser version is released and people do mass update).

Market share changes on a slower cycle. See e.g. this manually crafted old chart, based on squid log data (the sharp drop at then end may be an artifact, I don't recollect)

BrowsersNonMobilePercentages.png (528×769 px, 41 KB)

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@Nuria @Milimetric
Do we want to have a separate report that calculates percentages? And have two separate charts?
Or to change the line chart to be able to calculate percentages over the absolute data? It could have then a toggle to switch from the absolute to the percentage view? And the default could be configured in the wiki?

Per our conversation , report updater can calculate percentages. Absolute numbers are not very useful to follow trends.

Change 280386 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mforns):
[WIP] Change line- and tabular- browser reports to percent

This is ready for review, but it can not be merged until we merge the related RU patch:

The deployment plan is:

  1. Merge the RU changes first:
  2. Merge these changes
  3. Wait for puppet to deploy this (max. 20 mins)
  4. Wait for the new files to backfill (aprox. 12 hours)
  5. Change the configuration for the browser-reports dashboard, pointing to the new files
  6. Remove the old files

Change 280386 merged by Milimetric:
Change line- and tabular- browser reports to percent

Points 1. to 4. in the deployment plan are DONE.
Before we can proceed with 5. and 6., we have to:

  1. Make the reports list rates (0.5) instead of percentages (50)
  2. Improve the display of percentage values in the dygraphs line chart visualizer.

Change 282185 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mforns):
Make browser reports show rates instead of percentages

Change 282185 merged by Milimetric:
Make browser reports show rates instead of percentages

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