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LinkPrefixCharset for Norwegian (bokmål)
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The linkprefixcharset for no should be adjusted

Existing form is the default, new form should be

$linkPrefixCharset = "a-zàáâçčʒǯđðéèêëǧǥȟíìîïıǩŋñóòôõßšŧúùûýÿüžþæøåäö";
$linkPrefixCharset .= mb_strtoupper($linkPrefixCharset);
$linkPrefixCharset .= "\'-";

The previous should include all capital letters, chose any form you like that is efficient. I believe the trailing hyphen gives a valid result, move it up front if in doubt.

The apostrophe is not very common in Norwegian, but the hyphen are common.

It should be verified that use of a hyphen and a single prefixed apostrophe does not pose any problem, like in the following wikitext which is all sort of valid in nowiki

* u[[bestemt]]
* for[[stavn]]
* '''[[39]]''
* ''''[[39]]'''
* ''''''[[39]]'''''
* ''c'[[h]]''
* '''c'[[h]]'''
* '''''c'[[h]]'''''
* ''anti-[[virus]]''
* '''anti-[[URL]]'''
* '''''anti-[[URL]]'''''

Note T29473 and T130451, please fix this properly and not just hack in a solution.

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Unles anyone has a better idea

$linkPrefixCharset = "a-zàáâçčʒǯđðéèêëǧǥȟíìîïıǩŋñóòôõßšŧúùûýÿüžþæøåäö";
$linkPrefixCharset .= mb_strtoupper($linkPrefixCharset);
$linkPrefixCharset .= "‐ʼ";

This uses hyphen and modifier letter apostrophe.

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No consensus, will close this.

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