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Resources fail to load with unconventional extensions setup (e.g. shared wiki resources via symlinks)
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I configured a shared wiki setup with different extension features per wiki. In SMW 2.3.1 when debug=true in the URL some resources issue an error not to be loaded. With MW 1.25+ it is considered to set up a different extension directory ($wgExtensionDirectory) but it is not taken into account for SMW resources. I checked out and see why: SemanticMediaWiki/res/Resources.php assumes folder extensions to be there but allowing a different $wgExtensionDirectory this assumption is proven wrong. So if I add debug=true to the URL I get it becomes 404 and does not get loaded. Is there any fix I can do, LocalSettings or so?

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cicalese added a subscriber: cicalese.

From the description, it appears that this is a bug in Semantic MediaWiki, not Semantic Dependency. SemanticMediaWiki bugs should be reported at

Is this really about the Semantic Dependency extension, or about SMW in general?

OK. well, sorry for reporting it here I hope you bear with me and I see the issue was transferred as well, so
I follow up
on GitHub ;-)