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Existing image not showing in upload page
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Author: s0.sub.z3r0

Screenshot of the bug, where existing image is not shown on upload page.

There is no image shown when overwriting an existing image. See attached screenshot! =)

The screenshot is fairly self-explanatory, really.

I did recreate this bug, by uploading a second file, and it happened both time. The first time, I had EvilCat's theme. I've even disabled it to make sure it wasn't causing the bug.

Browser: Mozilla Firefox

Version: unspecified
Severity: major


itsa_boog.png (750×1 px, 71 KB)



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s0.sub.z3r0 wrote:

Two in one! I've viewed the source code of the page and found out two things:

1- The CSS class of the thumbnail box is messed up ( <div class="thumb t<"> ) I'm not so sure that CSS classes can contain &lt; and &gt;.
2- The content of the box itself was "Error creating thumbnail:"

So we have a broken box supposed to display a text about a broken thumbnail.

<div class="thumb t<">

<div class="thumbinner" style="width: 2px;">
  Error creating thumbnail:
<div class="thumbcaption"><</div>  //Note the presence of '<' in the error template caption.


Fixed in r25208; some pretty weird breakage in certain code paths. :)