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Add Charles Roslof to dns-admin alias
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I'm working in legal with @Slaporte on domains, and it'd be helpful if I could be added to the alias.

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The mail alias is most likely handled by WMF-Office-IT (via Zendesk) as @Dzahn worked on getting most of these into google groups and I couldn't see it in puppet exaim files.

WMF-Office-IT directed me here to ask SRE

I don't know how public Zendesk tasks are, but here's the link to the relevant request:

Hi @Slaporte could you approve this request?

@CRoslof @Peachey88 It's true about most of the aliases moving to OIT, but dns-admin@ is one of the few that will actually stay with operations, so you are right here on phabricator in this case. And yea, the zendesk tickets aren't public afaict.

Hi @Slaporte could you approve this request?

Hereby approved.

@Slaporte thanks!

@CRoslof done! you have been added to dns-admin@