Nested lists in Etherpad Lite are a lie, which makes pasting into VE poor
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They should be "<ul><li>Foo<ul><li>Bar</li></ul></li></ul>"
They are instead "<div><ul><li>Foo</li></ul></div><div><ul><li>Bar</li></ul></div>"

Cue wailing.

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Etherpad has an HTML export function which produces correct semantic HTML. The HTML data they write to their clipboard is only useful for internal paste.

I suggest a upstream fix to Etherpad.

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I wasn't even aware of the "HTML export function" in etherpad. They hid it well. Hopefully that will serve as a workable workaround for us.

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Not Declined so much as Stalled waiting on upstream.

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T127207 is related. We might fix this in Parsoid ... if the gsoc project / student doesn't get to it.

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You won't be able to fix this one in Parsoid - the only difference between the lists is some inline styles.