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mw-collapsed cooperates poorly with audio
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Compare the two mw-collapsible sections here; in the boxes that are not collapsed by default, the positioning of audio controls is sensible, but in the boxes that are collapsed by default, audio controls are shifted very weirdly, obscuring text in highly undesirable ways. The content of the collapsible divs are identical, so things like this should not be happening.

Appearance in Microsoft Edge 25:

Appearance in Firefox 44:

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Same in Safari btw. Probably due to Javascripted size calculations, that depend on elements being visible, which they are not when they are initially collapsed.

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Probably worth noting that this issue affects many Chinese entries @ en.wiktionary, as the audio obscures the IPA transcription of a word.

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Unless I am mistaken, it also affects this revision very badly. I can't even see the player!

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@Suzukaze-c No matter what do you met, please do not change priority without reading Phabricator etiquette, thank you for regarding

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