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Exception in module-execute in module SecurityError: The operation is insecure. DOMException
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On a page such as , I see in the console of Firefox 42.0:

Exception in module-execute in module load.php:178:216
SecurityError: The operation is insecure. DOMException [SecurityError: "The operation is insecure."
code: 18
nsresult: 0x80530012
location:] load.php:178:254

The line in question is:

,data){var msg,e=data.exception,source=data.source,module=data.module,console=window.console;if(console&&console.log){msg=(e?'Exception':'Error')+' in '+source;if(module){msg+=' in module '+module;}msg+=(e?':':'.');console.log(msg);if(e&&console.error){console.error(String(e),e);}}}mw.trackSubscribe('resourceloader.exception',log);mw.trackSubscribe('resourceloader.assert',log);$(function(){var loading=$.grep(mw.loader.getModuleNames(),function(module){return mw.loader.getState(module)==='loading';});loading=$.map(loading,function(module){return mw.loader.using(module).then(null,function(){return $.Deferred().resolve();});});$.when.apply($,loading).then(function(){mwPerformance.mark('mwLoadEnd');mw.hook('resourceloader.loadEnd').fire();});});;}(jQuery));(function(mw,$){var tasks=[],maxIdleDuration=50,timeout=null;function schedule(trigger){clearTimeout(timeout);timeout=setTimeout(trigger,700);}function triggerIdle(){var elapsed,;while(tasks.

Details provided for the error: is true as by default and is set to 10240, doing "clear website offline data" from the history menu doesn't change anything so I think the localStorage space can't be at fault; disabling NoScript's blocking and AdBlockPlus for the page doesn't change anything.

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Please try in Firefox safe mode, if it's still happening.

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The exception question is caught by mw.loader and printed to the browser console only for debugging purposes by developers. It was not an exception printed to the console by the browser directly.

There is no problem here that affects end-users. It does indeed indicate that the browser is not allowing localStorage to be used, which could be due to a configuration issue in the browser or a plugin. Nothing we can do about that, except to make sure our software works even when localStorage is disabled - which we do already. When it is disabled we catch this exception and log it to the console for developers so they know that this is the case internally, but it is only there for debugging.

Feel free to re-open if you are still seeing this and are finding that some functionality doesn't work as it should.

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