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The language option in preferences does not get updated when changing the language via setlang or via API
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Steps to reproduce:

The same problem also happens when changing via API setoption though the ULS.

A reload of the preferences with bypassing the cache (Ctrl + Alt + R) shows the correct setting.

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Hmm, the selected option seams to get cached by my Firefox not by MediaWiki.

autocomplete="off" solves the problem.

Change 280154 had a related patch set uploaded (by Gerrit Patch Uploader):
Preferences: Add autocomplete="off" to preferences form

Fomafix triaged this task as Low priority.

This problem seams to be specific to Firefox.

Change 280154 merged by jenkins-bot:
Preferences: Add autocomplete="off" to preferences form

The described problem is fixed. The change for simplifying the attribute is still pending.