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English aliases should be available for namespaces, special properties, datatypes in other languages
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Author: alyx486

I have my MediaWiki translated into the Slovak language.
So for example the namespace "Special:" changes to "Špeciálne:" in my language. If you type "Special:Search" or "Špeciálne:Search" in the url box, it's the same.
In Semantic MediaWiki, the namespace "Property:" is transleted to "Atribút:". But "Property:school" and "Atribút:school" aren't the same!
"Property:" isn't evan recognized as a namespace, "Property:school" gives a page with that name.
The problem is, when I try to assign a type to a property with [[has type:=type:integer]], it doesn't recognize the built-in property "has type".

Sorry for my "not perfect" English :) and thanks for your effort.

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All "special" names and labels are translated to whatever language you use. This means that you currently have to use the Slovak translation of all special properties and namespaces. Since there is no Slovak documentation yet, you can find out about the translations of the special properties by looking into the file ./languages/SMW_LanguageSk.php (esp. see the arrays $smwSpecialProperties and $smwDatatypeLabels).

This said, the above bug report is a request for having English (or other) aliases for all these things. This is not a severe bug, but be assured that we care.

OK. Datatypes, special properties, and namespaces now all have their aliases. The aliases are specified in the language files and can be customised/extended for each language.