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Tools-bastion-05 is hanging, login is broken
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01:50 < Luke081515> yuvipanda: Problems at bastion 05 again? "Host is not communication for more than 15 seconds"
01:50 < Luke081515> (tools-bastion-05)
01:51 < Matthew_> Are there problems with  I got a broken pipe error and can’t reconect/
01:51 < Luke081515> I'm only connected, my client is idle, so I guess I'm not the reason
01:51 < Luke081515> Mathew_ ^
01:51 < Matthew_> OK, just got it.
01:51 < Matthew_> *in
01:51 < Luke081515> solved?
01:51 < Luke081515> My client is still not able to connect
01:52 < Luke081515> "Host is not communication for more than 15 seconds" again
01:53 < Matthew_> I’m hanging on a “become” command...
01:53 < tom29739> I can't connect either.
01:54 < tom29739> It succeeds at authentication but then just hangs.

tools-dev is up (currently)

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Luke081515 triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.Mar 28 2016, 11:56 PM

Puppet is disabled on tools-bastion-05 so that might be the cause. (I know next to nothing about Puppet though).

Maybe we should replace this large instance through an xlarge instance?

And set up those cgroups and ulimits that have been talked about in T56719 on it.

Luke081515 lowered the priority of this task from Unbreak Now! to Needs Triage.Mar 29 2016, 12:49 AM

At the moment it's normal, but maybe it needs investigation?