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Write 2-3 year vision for annual plan
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Write it up on meta. Say where we *think* we're going to be.

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Halfak created this task.Mar 30 2016, 6:12 PM
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Some thoughts to include:

  • CLI is lame
  • Open science is currently happening anyway
  • We're the first open jupyter hub
  • What if open data science was a Wikimedia project

Discuss experimentation period. Discuss larger/longer-term goals if experimental stuff works out.

I think that's just one facet of it. I want to think of it as a way to write code, rather than just 'do science' (not too different, IMO). Science as it happens now is a very important component, but not the only one!

+1 @yuvipanda. We can definitely make a case for PAWS supporting programming/data science education. And from there, we can even make the argument that by training new researchers using tools like PAWS and Open Datasets, we're doing our part to train the next generation of scientists to understand the importance of openness and reproducibility.

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Instead of an offensive and divisive statement like 'CLI is lame', the vision could instead describe the forces of a web interactive editor.

Open science as a Wikimedia project could be already in scope in Wikiversity. The French one has a Recherche: namespace for original research.

Before the conversation gets derailed, can I just replace 'CLI is lame' with 'requiring the use of command line only environments has a higher barrier to entry than is ideal' with respect to this project (PAWS), and then not debate this point over time? Thank you :)

@Dereckson I highly suggest you try out the project and also maybe check out the jupyter project website. It isn't quite like wikiversity or anything - in wikimedia terms it's much closer to tool labs / labs than any onwiki project. I understand there is practically no documentation about this project (which has mostly me working on it part time) so this might be difficult to uninvolved people what is going on here. Hopefully that shall get fixed soon and the amount of confusion about what this is reduces to those who haven't received a personal 30minute passionate explanation from me or others :)

In the mean time, can we just let this ticket be a place for people already involved / using PAWS to talk about it? Thanks.

I've used it paws a little bit with Rama actually, so I've seen the UI and indeed like this approach to offer an interactive way to view data and tweak with it. I'm also convinced this is a great tool for data science. And we also used IPython at OpenTechSchool Brussels to teach the language, where I coach... And finally, when I see another interactive approach in custom JS in the educative value of the combo of a narrative and data visualisation is awesome. I thought about this post when I were commenting about wikiversity.

For the CLI, what I meant is when I used Jupyter, what really interested me were the capabilities of instant preview. So it's not a question of usability of a CLI interface, it's more the possibilities to centralize in one screen code and preview, tweak show and share both at the same time.

That being clarified, I'll wait documentation and further passionate explanation and won't comment this task anymore.

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