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[Epic] Consolidate queue abstractions
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We currently have Queue, PHP-Queue, and DonationQueue abstractions for our PHP code. Push towards consolidating, probably towards an isolated module like PHP-Queue. DonationQueue is sort of legit because it wraps PHP-Queue, maybe rename so that the class's responsibilities are more clear, it's just a message normalization helper. Maybe push that functionality into a new thing.

Drop KeyValue store.

The generalized queue functionality is the responsibility of PHP-Queue. Any configuration or financial extensions should be implemented in SmashPig.

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Change 284597 had a related patch set uploaded (by Awight):
[WIP] Integrate with PHP-Queue

Change 284977 had a related patch set uploaded (by Awight):
[WIP] Playing with the FIFO API

I've created a generic wrapper in SmashPig, FifoDataStore, which can use any FIFO PHP-Queue backend. I'll build the donation message specific layer on top of that.

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New interface for atomic reads

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Integrate with PHP-Queue

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