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Avoid z-index conflict with HoverCards & Central Notice and friends
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As a user, when I mouseover a link with HoverCards enabled, I want the HoverCard to overlay other UI elements (e.g., Central Notice and QuickSurveys) so that I can read the HoverCard.

Acceptance criteria

  • z-index of HoverCards or Central Notice is adjusted as necessary and verified as working such that when Central Notice UX is in force there aren't conflicts

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There's no z-index set on CentralNotice itself. I've adjusted all our fundraising banners to have z-index: 110, which lets Hovercards cover them when active (while still keeping the reminder banners and legal notice above the page content).

Screenshot 2016-04-05 16.49.30.png (1×2 px, 1 MB)

Do we know who can check QuickSurveys?

Thanks, @Pcoombe! @jhobs, would you be able to confirm whether HoverCards will properly overlay QuickSurveys?