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Determine method of getting changes (diffs) to the nodepool instances
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From our notes in our weekly meeting today:

Option 1 - no staging repo

  • clone master of the repo on instance
  • arc patch Dwhatever

Option 2 - single staging repo

  • keeping the staging repo up to date on instances
  • staging repo likely unmanagably large

Option 3 - staging within each repo

  • saves space
  • easy to checkout any revision you want (without having to use arc)
  • clutters the refs/tags/* namespace with one tag for every differential change
    • Hopefully phabricator will eventually move to using an alternate namespace like refs/changes in gerrit. This would avoid the clutter while maintaining the benefits of staging changes within each repo.

Event Timeline

  1. has some real drawbacks and likely isn't 100% reliable. One example:
  2. is probably manageable and avoids the clutter of #3.
  3. I'm leaning towards option #3 with the one caveat: it will clutter up the tags namespace one every repository with a bunch of phabricator changes.

I'm currently testing out Option 1 to find out how reliable it really is.


  1. Works for now
  2. I believe this is now possible without cluttering the tags namespace, need to make a few tweaks to phabricator staging repo code. We can implement this later.