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Edit quality campaign for Hungarian Wikipedia
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  • Confirm translations are ready
  • List of trusted user groups
  • Translate "Edit quality (20k sample)" to hungarian
  • Run prelabeling script
  • Load revisions into

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trusted user groups: bot, sysop, editor (FlagRev reviewers), trusted (FlagRev self-reviewers - lower bar but still manually selected)

"Edit quality (20k sample)" -> "Szerkesztések minősége (20k minta)"

Translation groups are wiki-ai and ext-ores I suppose? Needs to be done.

Yup, wiki-ai is the right place to start translating here.

@Tgr, OK if I assign this task to you while we wait on those translations?

Sorry for being unresponsive. I have been busy but will wrap this up over the weekend.

Tgr removed Tgr as the assignee of this task.Apr 18 2016, 9:24 AM


@Tgr Done. You can see it in

We need the WP:Labels in Hungarian Wikipedia. Then people in huwiki can start labeling.

I think there was an error in populating the wikilabels data. See T138576.

Amir fixed it (thanks!).