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Share what WMDE built for WLM 2015 to the wider WLM community
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(This task is an outcome of T131435.)

Wikimedia Deutschland built tools for WLM 2015 in Germany. This work is little known outside of Germany although it could be useful to others.

.@gabriel-wmde gave us (= the self-proclaimed WLM-Tech committee or smth) an overview during our T131435 meeting.

  1. A bot to build lists of missing monuments
  2. A bot to find “broken” lists: missings IDs, etc.
  3. Have Commons uploads to almost immediately appear on the lists: at the end of the upload, users could select which image to add to the list, or to replace the existing one ----

It would be great to:

  1. Fix/Expand the above blurb
  2. share with the wider WLM community (posting to the WLM mailing-list would be good enough I think).

Ccing @KasiaWMDE

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JeanFred renamed this task from Share what WMDE built last year to see what could be used for all countries to Share what WMDE built for WLM 2015 to the wider WLM community.Apr 1 2016, 12:49 PM

@gabriel-wmde: Would it be possible to have an update on this? I think it would be a popular addition to the WLM setup on Commons if it was available to more countries.

gabriel-wmde removed gabriel-wmde as the assignee of this task.

I'm sorry, but since I haven't worked on WLM for the last 4 years now, I'm closing this.