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Write down the blockers for WLM+Wikidata for reference
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(This task is an outcome of T131435.)

Eventually, we want WLM to be managed via Wikidata and deprecate the Wiki-Loves-Monuments-Database.

The data migration work will be undertaken in part by Wikimedia Sverige (led by @Lokal_Profil) as part of the Connected Open Heritage project.

During the T131435 meeting, the self-proclaimed WLM Tech Committee (or smth like that) discussed this. We agreed that this will *not* be ready for next WLM edition.

Let’s write down the blockers we determined that currently prevent running WLM with Wikidata as a backend.

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After a (too) long delay I put together a text over here (Etherpad). Please take a look and confirm here if you feel it's ok or if anything is missing (or if I'm completely wrong). Small fixes can of course go straight in.

Any suggestions for a final resting place for the text is also welcome.

Thanks. I've now published it at Commons:Monuments_database/Wikidata (lacking a better place).