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Release 2.0
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Phabricator has a blocking task with a laundry list of bugs to fix before a 2.0 release T72936

We should put out a release candidate, or two, before then, to attract early adopters who can report issues.

Im told only Merlijn and Xqt hold the keys necessary to actually upload a release into pypi.

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IMO T85328: PEP-8 compliance isnt suitable for 2.0 now, as 2.0 is in serious release candidates mode now, and so should be stablising and only contain critical bug fixes.

Can the critical bug fixes be mentioned by adding them as subtasks ? This would give more clarity to find things and also to see how close we are to the next release

Xqt closed this task as Declined.May 28 2017, 2:04 PM

release 3.0 is published already