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Supporting Hebrew calendar model in Wikidata
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We would like to add new calendar model to Wikidata for supporting Hebrew dates.

Conversion from Hebrew dates to Georgrian is pretty straight forward.
Exception: Hebrew dates don't start in the midnight but in the sunset.
How to deal with it (in case we don't know the hour/minute/second) when converting to Georgian:

  1. Most of the day is daylight so usually it can be ignored and get the correct date
  2. To indicate it is not lossless conversion by changing the precision of converted dates?

(TODO: update the task description based on talks we had or should have in the Wikimedia-Hackathon-2016 )

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@daniel what do you think would be the best way to add other calenders for Wikibase from the model side?
(Hebrew calender 101 - it have 12 and in leap years 13 months)

Is DataValues/TimeValue.php should refactored to be used for other calendars or subclassed for each calender?
(based on a quick look I see we serialize it based on timestamp described as "The actual format depends on the calendar model")

And as next step after model is supported, what else aside from model else is required? (html formatter, time RDF builder, value parser?)