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Community check-in/announcements for FlaggedRevs UX cleanup
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Two changes I'd like to make:

a) Always use the simple "icon-based" UI for page review status and remove the preference to control with UI is used. Having some wikis use the old one and some the new one seems like technical debt, and a fair amount of code can be removed.
b) Remove the logged-in/logged-out distinction that decides what version the user sees. It should always just be whatever the site/page default is (overridden only by the preference that exists already). The distinction is to artificial and unexpected (Brandon H and Howie F never liked this either).

Event Timeline

One technical item requested by nick is stats on the preferences usages, e.g. how many people opt into the older UI on wikis with the newer UI (like dewiki).

Thanks @aaron. It looks like you discussed this task at the Wikimedia Hackathon? Was there any timeline proposed? This quarter or the next one?

Qgil triaged this task as Low priority.May 3 2016, 8:57 AM

I assume this is low priority. Feel free to correct if this assumption is wrong.

Are these changes still expected? During Oct-Dec 2016?

I feel like FlaggedRevs is walking a different path these days? So I dunno whether this tickets still stands. Also, there's heavy community involvement AFAICS, and so probably no need for CLs on the "socialization" side.