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migrate bad words detection to editquality repo
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Take the code from and port it to live in The pattern we normally use is to write a new "utility" script ( which is the command-line frontend. BWDS would become its own package in editquality, the utilities/ frontend would be a lightweight wrapper that calls into that package.

It would be great to have unit tests.

Documentation for BWDS is,
Example of a generated bad words list (sections are collapsed by default):

As a later enhancement, we might even want to templatize this step as part of the Makefile. Note that the makefile is code-generated from templates/Makefile.j2

Other followup work (should be defined in a new task) would be to streamline how the generated bad-words list is included in our code. Currently, it's pasted into the language support files in revscoring, e.g. , but it might be better to dump the results as text files in a "datasets" directory, rather than treat them as code. The interesting NLP twist is that we need to take the raw words and figure out regexes which will match common variations.

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@Ladsgroup, this one should be easy if you want to take a look.

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Vacio added a comment.May 22 2018, 2:09 PM

Hi guys, I tried to take on myself this task during the hackathon, and although it's tagged as easy, found myself a bit struggling :) Is there anyone that could mentor me? I know that it might not be the most efficient thing to do (it would take probably less time to do the task yourself, thean explain me).

What I have been doing so far, was playing with (copied from, trying to get the revisions from a dump instead via API. Still there are couple of things I couldn't figure out. E.g. it seems like the dump does not contain a tag for rollbacks / reverts and I don't know what to do there (of course, I can get that from the Wikipedia API, but in that case using the dump becomes a bit meaningless).

So if someone has the time to mentor me, please let me know. Alternatively, if you have like a really "simple" task that I can start with and get a better understanding of the workflow of BDWS, maybe that could help a newbie as me to get engaged.