Phabricator labs puppet role configures phabricator wrong
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Before phabricator was deployed by scap3 it was easy to setup a test instance of phabricator, puppet agent -tv, and phabricator was ready. Now you need to pull the git manually, and a lot of settings are wrong: The dns page shows a directory with only one link to a page which shows "It works", and if you solve that, you can't upload repos:

Missing Binary git-http-backend	Unable to find this binary in the webserver's PATH. You may need to configure environment.append-paths.

Is there a change to revert to the old puppet role, or create another one?

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@Luke081515 I'll work on it a bit and see if I can get it to be more automated.

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Since you're working on the phab puppet stuff

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Actually phabricator did this. It is required for http cloning to fix this all you have to do is

'''cd <phab_dir>/support/bin'''

'''sudo ln -sv /user/lib/git-core/git-http-backend'''

Doint forget git also needs to be installed too for this to work/

But I think we need to instead update the main puppet role to work on both production and labs and remove the labs phabricator role once we have done that.

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Re opening for now since the main role will take a while to fix.

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I'm doing some work on the labs role in

@Paladox: is this now working on phab-01?

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rather, the main role now works on labs, correct?

@mmodell I haven't applied this role to phab-01 yet but I have applied it to the phabricator role so looks like it is working on labs (no failures)

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yep, this works now.

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