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[EPIC] A/B Test (Chrysalis): new top 10 language links display test
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As a visitor to the portal page, I want to see a cleaner interface that allows me to easily view the top 10 language links so I can determine if I want to go directly to one of those portal pages.

As a Product Manager, I want to see if collapsing the top 10 language links into a horizontal line(s) will increase the click-through rate to those specific wiki sites. I also want to ensure that a new display treatment of the top 10 languages does not negatively affect the click through rate but will hopefully decrease the amount of bounces from the portal page.

The language by article count will be reverted back from what we displayed in test 2, thus displaying what is currently on the Portal page (list of articles by language sorted highest to lowest amount).
The top ten language links will in the order of the visitor's browser's language preference (if they have one) from left to right.

For this test:

  • The top 10 language links will be displayed in a horizontal line with the top most language in the farthest left hand location.
  • If the user does not have English as their first preferred browser language, we will show those language(s) in the order of their preferred languages.
  • Once the preferred language(s) has been determined, the rest of the top 10 links will be the normal highest to lowest languages.
  • See attached image for more details on UI treatment

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About identifying the prefered languages, grouping, sorting and remembering, I think there is lot of overlap with the

cc: @Pginer-WMF @Amire80

Hi @santhosh - we're only wanting to streamline the display of the top ten language links on the portal in this test, not change any existing functionality.

The ideas in your linked article are quite good though and maybe we can take advantage of some of them at a later time.

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Declining this epic story at this time - due to needing a concept of how to show the top 10 language links while keeping the article stats with the links and making it be legible and clear with a mobile centric view.