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Remove yana@ from
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Can you please remove Yana from the legal-tm-vio@ mailing list. This was requested by Rachel Stallman in Legal.


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Krenair added a subscriber: Krenair.

This is an exim alias under, so ops has to do it, it's not (and if it were, this request would have to go to the lists' admins rather than a Wikimedia-Mailing-lists ticket anyway)

Thank you for correcting me. I got the same request from Rachel Stallman to have Yana removed from this other legal alias:

They are unsure what other alias' she is apart of, so is it possible to just search for her email and then remove her from all of it?

I think @Andrew is the person dealing with these tickets this week (?)

Unless the underlying account is being closed, it might be a good idea to find out exactly which aliases point there before removing all of them

Andrew claimed this task.

I'm removing Yana from legal-tm-vio right now. I don't see her username anywhere else in the alias file, so this may be the end of it.