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Unclear display of the last paragraph of a page in dewikisource
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When looking at this Wikisource page i wonder why there is a line break after the last but one line ending with the words "vorgenommen werden müssen. Bey". Usually such line breaks do only appear after an empty line in the wikitext which is not the case here. Interestingly, this does not happen when the page is included in an article

This behavior is new and not correct. Should be fixed.

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@Tpt, do you have any idea about this behavior?

Tpt claimed this task.

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Please do not use this kind of templates, it overloads the wikitext of the page and introduces easily a lot of bad behaviours. I really believe you could archive the same things with CSS.

Thank you a lot for the fast help.

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The error still exists. We followed the recommandation of @Tpt. we 're working to remove all of the Template-usage in the namespace Seite. At this Lemma
this already happened. After deleting the template here, the error stillt exists.

In Vorlage:Zitierempfehlung

<onlyinclude><div id="zitierhilfe" style="clear:both; background-color...

add "new line" after <onlyinclude>:

<div id="zitierhilfe" style="clear:both; background-color...

to separate footer from pagetext.