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This ticket is for the upcoming work to do to install the Qualtrics survey on the Portal page.

Specifics that we'll have to determine:

  • determine dwell time on the page (work is already done, we'll just need to tap into it)
  • determine when we should pop up the survey (ie: how long to wait for the user to not do something on the page)
  • determine how to display the survey (roll down or up or modal in middle of page, etc)
  • determine how long the survey will run (we have a finite amount of 'hits' we can have into the survey)
  • determine level of effort for turning on and off the survey from the portal page (will need swat deployment assistance)

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debt created this task.Apr 11 2016, 9:26 PM
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Heres the mock banner we can run on the portal page to ask people who usually bounce from the page with any action to participate in the survey.

Clicking on the "yes" but will open a new window with the qualitrics survey.

We have a goal of displaying a survey to a visitor when in their last session, they bounced from the page without doing anything. See the very draft copy of the survey here:

To do this survey will end up requiring a bit of work, technically, from the portal team. See the notes from my recent chat with @EBernhardson here:

debt> hey ebernhardson ....I remember a conversation we had in the SF office about how we have an existing method to know when a visitor to the Portal has last visited. Is that correct?
4:35 PM <ebernhardson> debt: well, we do for main wikimedia sites lemme see if that's sent to portals too
4:35 PM <ebernhardson> if not, we have a method for adding it at least
4:35 PM <+debt> thanks for checking!
4:39 PM <ebernhardson> debt: yes, in the cookies for I've checked and it also makes it into the webrequests table in hive, so can be analyzed. FWIW if you saw the recent announcement for unique devices from analytics, that's what this was added for.
4:42 PM <legoktm> > and OAuth credentials to use with for logins
4:42 PM <legoktm> pick one? :P
4:43 PM <+debt> ebernhardson: sweet!
4:44 PM <+debt> are there directions on how we can gather that information in order to show a survey to someone who most recently visited, say, a week ago?
4:54 PM <+debt> ebernhardson: nevermind - I think I found it:
4:57 PM <+debt> so, we'd need to verify the last time a user visited the portal, then figure out if they bounced from the site and then serve up the survey to them the next time that they came to the portal.
4:57 PM <ebernhardson> debt: the cookie looks to be set to httponly, which means you can't see it from javascript
4:57 PM <+debt> oh :(
5:02 PM <ebernhardson> debt: it looks like what they could do though is send a pointless XHR, and then read the headers sent back to the XHR request. The last access gets duplicated into the X-Analytics header
5:03 PM <ebernhardson> an XHR for the same page they are looking at should just get an empty 304 response
5:03 PM <+debt> hmm how heavy/slow would that make the portal page?
5:04 PM <ebernhardson> users shouldn't notice, the request/response should be <1kb
5:06 PM <+debt> ok - sounds interesting for sure
5:06 PM <+debt> but a bit larger amount of work than I had thought we'd have to do.

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Declining this story at this time due to running a second survey to get more results: T136874