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Find experienced editors who have not used VisualEditor for Design Research
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Design Research needs a list of experienced editors who are unfamiliar with the visual editor, for user testing. Editors need to speak English (or another language that DR members speak) and be able to have a video chat.

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Qgil added a subscriber: Qgil.

Are they relying on our memories / contacts? I guess it is possible to run a query for (or **.wiki) editors currently active and with very high edit counts.

Which languages are spoken by the Design Research team members?

And they just did a tour in Mexico, so there's a chance that they have Spanish resources available. But pretty much, we're looking for English speakers this round.

Video chat is a blocker. Two users were interested, and both decline because of video chat ("stressful").

Does the user needs to turn on its video?

Depends. If this is a full user study (and I don't know the details or origin of this task, or who would be conducting the research), the researcher will need to be able to view the user's shared screen, which requires video chat. We don't need to see faces, just what the user is doing. Recording is necessary because it's almost impossible to notice and transcribe everything the person is doing in real time (esp. if you're also talking to them!), so the researcher needs to be able to go back later and re-watch the study when they're analyzing the data.

In other studies, I frequently have users request that their face not be recorded. That's never been a problem; we just have them share their screen before I start recording.

Also, as @Qgil mentioned, if we need to find a set of highly active editors who have never used VE (saved an edit), it is possible to generate such a list via a DB query.

They probably have enough people for now.