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Video.js player needs a link to the description page
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Idea, add a floating top right, info button when hovering the player ? A bit like Vimeo has for Like, Watch Later, Collection, Share ?

Possibly could also be implemented as an endcard (like we have in TMH), but we have had tickets about how the link to the video details page should be more prominent, so....

This won't work for audio files however. Just add a toolbar button for audio files ? Might become crowded... Audio player keeps giving me nightmares on this front...

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I think we'll want an info button in the toolbar yeah, it's a little space but it's the most important button after play/pause. :)

Change 288122 had a related patch set uploaded (by TheDJ):
Very simple info button for video.js

Change 288122 merged by jenkins-bot:
Very simple info button for video.js

This merged a while ago. Resolving.