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Improve tests for an expected failure in reflinks_tests
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expectedFailure does not recognize whether an expected failure occurred. It ignores every fault inside the test.

  • For test_namespace_none there should be a test against raising TypeError when namespace is None and this exception is really expected or the XmlDumpPageGenerator must be able to handle that parameter successfully.
  • For test_namespace_string_id the XmlDumpPageGenerator should be able to accept namepaces as string or if this is to be disarded, test should expect an empty list instead of just ignore failing.
  • test_start_with_underscore: XmlDumpPageGenerator should be improved to allow underscored start parameters
  • test_start_prefix: XmlDumpPageGenerator should be improved to allow prefix start parameters
  • xml generator for other test with expectedFailure decorator in TestReferencesBotConstructor should be improved. I guess the problems above solves these tests too.

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[bugfix] Bugfixes for for XMLDumpOldPageGenerator

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[bugfix] Bugfixes for XMLDumpOldPageGenerator

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