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Commons categories' "in Wikipedia" sidebar should always link all languages
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Goal: as a multilingual Commons users, I don't care about the specific semantics, I just want to easily go from a category page to an explanatory article in my language of choice.

Requirement: when a Commons category is connected (in any way) to a set of Wikipedia articles, the "in Wikipedia" sidebar section on the category page itself should link the corresponding Wikipedia articles in all languages.

Background: currently, depending on which specific technique is used to connect a category page to Wikipedia articles (wikitext interwiki, Wikidata sitelink, P373, nothing), it can happen that the Commons category page links either all, random, zero or one (usually German or English) Wikipedia article. This is needlessly confusing and can be fixed by making the "other projects sidebar" work in both directions, ideally integrating such interproject links (Commons->Wikipedias) in the existing "in Wikipedia" section.

This report is only about using at best the (admittedly inconsistent) data we have right now on the Wikimedia wikis. T89594 might be related. T104162 contains multiple related but separate implementation requests and should be used instead of this report for generic discussions on P373 functionality. There are other reports and RfC to discuss what sitelinks and P373 should contain.


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